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National School Psychology Week!

National School Psychology Week 2022 Resources

National School Psychology Week 2022 is November 7th-11th, 2022! NASP has provided a range of resources to help us celebrate!

School Psychology Awareness Week 2018 Resources

The NASP Exposure Project 

NASP is coordinating a broad awareness campaign known as the Exposure Project. NASP members can see information here. The goal is to have school psychologists visit their local high school or college/university and discuss our field. The exposure project provides materials, including potential slide presentations, handouts, and other materials. You can also search for #naspexposureproject. 

If you are a NHASP member and interested in giving a presentation at your local college/university during school psychology awareness week please contact us! 

School Psychology Awareness Week 2017 Resources

Power Up, Be A Positive Charge!

School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW) 2017 is November 13-17. The NASP Presidential Theme is Power Up, Be A Positive Charge!. Many resources are available on the NASP 2017 SPAW webpage

NHASP provides links to SPAW resources each year. Resources from previous years are below. Power Up inspired coloring pages are available this year.

Try this new Positive Charge activity. Fill up a box with treats and leave it for someone. Include a note that says: "You've been caught...Being a Positive Charge! Thank you for all that you do. Challenge: Refill the box with a treat and share this with someone who has been a positive charge." Included here is a template to make these notes (to fit a standard business card) as well as a label for the front of the box. 

Make your own magnets and share them to promote SPAW. Here are two different examples that can be easily printed on a standard business card sheet and stuck to a magnet. You can purchase magnets that fit business cards. 

Feel free to take a look back at the wonderful resources from previous years...

School Psychology Awareness Week 2016 Resources

Small Steps Change Lives!

The 2016-2017 NASP Presidential Theme is Small Steps Change Lives. NASP provides a wealth of resources on their website at: NASP 2016 SPAW Resources.

NHASP also provides several great SPAW resources for 2016 created by our NASP Delegate, Tari Selig. These include:

School Psychology Awareness Week 2015 Resources

Connect the Dots and THRIVE!

Focus:  Building connections between students and school communities that enhance their skills, improve their outlook, and set them up to thrive in everything they do.

The theme for 2015 School Psychology Awareness Week is Connect the Dots and THRIVE! NASP’s goal is to help connect students to the academic and social-emotional skills they need to promote personal achievement, growth, and resilience, as well as a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Resources and messaging can be adapted to students and adults, different age groups, and multiple contexts. Please visit the NASP website for more information and ideas.

For your convenience, here are a few of the resources from NASP:

Connect the Dots and THRIVE! Poster

Raising Awareness with Policy Makers

Sample Letter to Districts

Sample Parent Notice

School Psychology Awareness Week 2014 Resources

The Power of Positivity!

The resources on this page are intended to complement the resources on the NASP website. Please print, copy, and distribute to help promote the theme of Connect the Dots and Thrive! There are instructions on each of the PDF files. The files include:

Power of positivity 2014 Staff.pdf

Power of positivity students 2014.pdf

Take one poster color.pdf

Take-one poster black and white.pdf

Take-one poster NASP Poster.pdf

Promoting Positive School Climate-Growing Hands.pdf

Setting Goals- Strive Leaf Activity for SPAW.pdf

SPAW Magnets instructions.pdf

For more information, please contact our NH NASP Delegate 

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