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Welcome to NHASP

The mission of NHASP is to provide a community for school psychologists in New Hampshire.  The Association serves its members by:

  • Creating a dynamic and vital organization of support for the profession
  • Enhancing our skills and creating opportunities to expand our services
  • Influencing policy regarding 1) the practice of school psychology; 2) the quality of education; and 3) the provision of comprehensive services to children, youth, and families 


NHASP Announces New Strategic Plan for 2021-2026

NHASP has long maintained a commitment to dedicated and strategic action on behalf of our membership. Part of that commitment is the reliance on a clear strategic plan to guide organizational decisions.  

In the spring of 2021, NHASP 2020-2021 president Travis Bickford announced the creation of an updated strategic plan for 2021-2026. This plan continues the strong traditions of NHASP as the leading organization for school psychologists in NH and continues to drive us to strengthen and expand our reach! 

In September 2020, NHASP leadership created a Strategic Plan Committee and recruited membership volunteers who were charged with developing a plan that would guide NHASP’s work over the next five years. The goals are purpose-driven, actionable, and aligned to NHASP’s envisioned future. Additionally, the NHASP strategic plan will be further defined and adapted with annual review and action planning. This continuous improvement process will help NHASP celebrate accomplishments, address lessons learned, and respond to the emerging needs of not only its membership, but also to the children and youth of New Hampshire.


All children and youth have access to safe and supportive environments that promote their learning, behavioral, and mental health so that they thrive develop and promote resilience throughout life.


NHASP serves its members by advocating for comprehensive and integrated school psychological services that advance the learning, behavior, and mental health of all children and youth of New Hampshire.


NHASP Announces the 2022-2023 NH School Psychologist of the Year!

Travis Bickford attended UNH and received his school psychology degree from the University of Southern Maine in 2006. He's a nationally certified school psychologist and has been president of NHASP and has worked at Dover since 2006 becoming the district's lead psychologist in 2018. Travis is known for his flexibility and responsiveness and exemplary knowledge and performance in the field of school psychology. He is an innovative thinker who not only has the knowledge but the skill to work with students and families at their level. Parents and staff report they feel better when Travis is attending a challenging meeting because they know the students’ needs will be well represented and he will present student orientated solutions. He is has led district initiatives in SEL learning, including chairing the SEL task force which provided the district with baseline data on readiness and a blueprint on how to move forward in SEL. Travis has participated in a citywide review of the mental health response in collaboration with public safety officials and the mental health alliance developing a strategic plan to address recent trends and barriers in accessing mental health services in the City of Dover. Travis also has been integral in creating and implementing a critical incident response team and protocols that are now in place for the Dover Public schools and currently is in the new role as the district’s MTSS coordinator. Travis is a true student-centered individual. He brings a deep care and passion to his work, always putting everything about the needs of students first. He has a remarkable ability to connect with students, families, and staff, creating an environment of trust and support. He's deeply respected for his professional standards, willingness to go the extra mile and being originally from Maine his wonderful, wicked funny sense of humor rules the day.

NHASP Announces the 2022-2023 Lifetime Achievement Award!

Peg Dawson, Ed.D., NCSP, received her doctorate in school/child clinical psychology from the University of Virginia. She worked as a school psychologist for 16 years in Maine and New Hampshire, and for over 30 years has worked at the Center for Learning and Attention Disorders in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where she specializes in the assessment of children and adults with learning and attention disorders. Along with her colleague, Dr. Richard Guare, she has authored several books, including a book for professionals, Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention and several books for parents, Smart but Scattered, Smart but Scattered Teens and Smart but Scattered—and Stalled. They have also written a book for adults called The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success, and just revised a book on coaching called Coaching Students with Executive Skills Challenges. Dr. Dawson was a founding member of the New Hampshire Association of School Psychologists and served as its second president. She is also a past president of  the National Association of School Psychologists and the International School Psychology Association. She is also the 2006 recipient of NASP’s Lifetime Achievement Award and a 2010 recipient of the International School Psychology Association Distinguished Services Award. Peg is a prolific writer, presenter, mentor and instructor in executive skills. She has volunteered her time with NHASP throughout the years sponsoring a study group in executive skills offering her expertise and mentoring the next generation of school psychologists. Peg's dedication to the field is unmatched and her approachable style and willingness to share her talents has been such a gift to our field and professional development. 

NHASP Announces the 2021-2022 NH School Psychologist of the Year!

The NH School Psychologist of the Year Award (SPY) recognizes excellence in the provision of school psychological services by an NHASP member. Nominees who are considered for the SPY Award provide a full range of school psychological services, perform the job in an exemplary manner, earn the respect of colleagues, students, and parents, display pride in NHASP and represent school psychology well, and are well informed about NHASP standards and goals.

For 2022, our award recipient is Kate O. Salvati, MS, NCSP of Strafford Learning Center. Kate is a true leader in the field and a champion for children, youth, and families. Her colleagues describe Kate as a compassionate and respectful practitioner, who is knowledgeable in best practices and able to foster positive partnerships with diverse stakeholders. She is always willing to help, and problem solve complex situations. One of Kate’s many strengths is her ability to break down insights and recommendations into digestible pieces so that all parties can comprehend and recognize how to best support a child. 

Kate has made meaningful contributions to Multi-Tiered Systems of Support throughout her career at the state and local school levels. She is committed to creating systems and services that promote safe and supportive school environments using current research related to fostering resilience, promoting mental health wellbeing, and nurturing social-emotional wellness for children. Beyond her role as a school psychologist, Kate extends her advocacy for the welfare of children by serving as a court-appointed special advocate (CASA) volunteer. 

Kate is the NASP Delegate for New Hampshire, former NHASP president (2005-2006 & 2013-2014), former NHASP Regional Representative – Seacoast, NHASP Ethics & Professional Standards Committee Member, NHASP Government & Professional Relations Committee Member, and an active NHASP representative at NASP Regional Leadership Meetings and the Public Policy Institute.


NHASP Announces the 2020-2021 NH School Psychologist of the Year!

The NHASP executive board is honored to announce that Dr. Laurie Brodeur from the Berlin Public School System was selected to be the 2021 NH School Psychologist of the Year. Dr. Brodeur’s compelling nominations came from the school district’s special services director, one of her building principals, and a teacher. Dr. Brodeur graduated with a Psy.D., in Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1991. She has NH licenses for Psychologist and School Psychologist. Her career has included community-based clinical practice as well as school psychology. Much of her career has been in public service working in several area mental health agencies as a clinician and in leadership roles. She has been in the Berlin Public Schools since 2009. Even prior to earning her doctorate and licensure, Dr. Brodeur’s Vitae shows a history of public service in the field of mental health dating back to 1984.

Dr. Brodeur was described as being part of the fabric of the schools she works in, as well as within the greater Berlin community. Dr. Brodeur’s consumer-friendly approach when working with parents, teachers, and students was highlighted by all three of the individual’s who wrote letters on her behalf. It was clear to the nominating committee that Dr. Brodeur not only serves her school with excellence at the individual student level, but that she has been in a leadership role for building- and district-wide committees and teams. The Berlin School District’s Special Services Director described Dr. Brodeur as being integral in the past year helping the Berlin school district heal following sudden loss of two staff members, while leading the district’s crisis intervention team. “Dr Brodeur is the voice of calm and compassion regardless of the communities’ collective sadness,” wrote one of Dr. Brodeur’s building principals. The building principal went on to describe Dr. Brodeur as being the best school psychologist she has ever worked with, in a 27-year career. She stated that Dr. Brodeur played a key role in the school’s behavioral health intervention team, noting that the team often looks to her to guide case discussions and interventions. Her principal also described Laurie as having vast knowledge of pedagogy, noting that this with her compassion have been keys to her success.  Dr. Brodeur’s community-based mental health work was also the focus of her nomination letters, illustrating a long career marked by a commitment to public service in the field of mental health and school psychology.

Dr. Brodeur is retiring after the 2021 school year, and she is clearly very loved and appreciated by her school district, the schools she worked in, and in her community. Congratulations to Dr. Brodeur for outstanding representation of our field across multiple domains of School Psychology practice and best of luck in your future endeavors.


NHASP Provides Information for Educators

During COVID-19

A group of NHASP leaders, led by Nate Jones, has developed a guidance document on school psychology and the return to learning. Recommendations for screening and individual evaluations are given, as well as considerations for how to maintain a broad scope of practice. 

School Psychology and the Return to Learning-Final.pdf

The NHASP Study Group on Executive Skills, led by Peg Dawson, has developed two documents. First is a set of "Tips for Caregivers and Parents on Schooling at Home: What Role Do Executive Skills Play." This wonderful set of tips can be used by everyone working with our students during this time of remote learning. The second is a Message for Teachers on Stress and Executive Skills. 

Tips on Schooling at Home EF Dawson[3435].pdf

Stress and executive skills-by P Dawson.pdf

Additionally, the NHASP Ethics Committee has provided a guide on the "Delivery of School Psychological Services in New Hampshire During COVID-19 School Closures." This guide outlines many of the important considerations for school psychologists during this time. 


The NHASP Executive board created a practice guidance document on Social Justice. It outlines the role that school psychologists and NHASP has in Social Justice. This is a commitment to have social justice as a core value, underlying the work of school psychologists in New Hampshire. 

Social Justice Practice Guidance


NHASP & NHASEA Adopt Joint Position Statement on The Appropriateness of Educational Teams Using Conditions and/or Diagnoses Identified by School Psychologists  

NHASP and the NH Association of Special Education Administrators (NHASEA) are proud to announce the joint adoption of a position statement on “The Appropriateness of Educational Teams Using Conditions and/or Diagnoses Identified by School Psychologists.” Adopted on November 18th (NHASP) and November 20th (NHASEA) 2020, this statement clarifies that school psychologists are able to identify conditions and diagnoses that IEP and 504 teams can then use for eligibility decisions and program planning.

Both NHASP and NHASEA are excited to announce this position statement, which can be accessed at www.nhaspweb.org/papers. Association leaders will continue to partner to promote this statement and advocate for practice changes in our NH schools where needed. In brief, the statement outlines that school teams should not require families to provide a diagnosis from a community provider, such as a physician or a private psychologist before determining eligibility. Additionally, while multiple eligibility areas require the school obtain a health assessment as part of the comprehensive evaluation process, the health evaluation does not need to provide this diagnosis. Instead, the school psychologist can be the professional who identifies the condition or diagnosis for the team to consider, along with the results of evaluations completed by other professionals as part of the team process.

We encourage everyone to read the position statement and consider the implications for practices in their school. Watch for additional resources on this topic coming in the near future. Thank you to all who worked on this position statement, including the NHASP writing committee of Nate Jones (chair), Ryan Long, Dave Smith, and Jonas Taub; NHASEA executive director Jane Bergeron; and Michael Opuda and attorney Gerald Zelin from Drummond Woodsum.

Position Statement-Appropriate Use of Diagnoses


NHASP announces the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient!

Dave Smith has been a vibrant and essential member of the New Hampshire Association of School Psychologists, working with countless children, adolescents, families and educators in his 30+ years as a school psychologist in New Hampshire. Dave engaged in a wide range of activities, including counseling, consultation, program development, and assessments throughout the state, including school districts in Lebanon, Dover, Hampton, Barrington, Northwood, Nottingham, Strafford, Laconia, Winnisquam Region, Gilmanton, and Franklin. Dave has a passion for being a lifelong learner and continues to engage in opportunities to further his knowledge in school law, school administration, learning disabilities, adventure based counseling, language disorders, and computer programming. 

Dave has made essential contributions to the NHASP executive board for 29 years, taking on the roles of Newsletter Editor, Treasurer, and President. He is also a former School Psychologist of the Year. Dave has a keen attention to detail and understanding of what is needed to support the school psychology profession across NH. He was always considered the fiscal hawk and voice of reason on the board, and his understanding of ethical practice and common sense judgement led others to his counsel. NHASP thanks Dave for everything he has provided to others, and continues to do so.



NHASP announces the 2019 NH School Psychologist of the Year!

NHASP is pleased to announce that Kathy Secinaro was awarded the 2019 School Psychologist of the Year award this past June, and honored at the ED’ies award ceremony for the work she does as a school psychologist in New Hampshire.  Kathy is described by her colleagues as an individual whose "...enthusiastic initiative and efforts have made a tremendous positive impact in the lives of the children, parents, and staff at Barnstead Elementary School."  She provides a full range of school psychological services to her community, demonstrates strong communication and collaboration skills, completes comprehensive evaluations, counsel’s students in crisis, and participates in systems change efforts to enhance the mental health of others.  Mrs. Secinaro is described as a driving factor in the positive outcomes for kids and inspires fellow school psychologists to shine in their field.”

Another colleague writes, “As a current member of the New Hampshire Association of School Psychologists with many years of experience working in diverse school settings, Kathy brings an impressive toolkit to her work with students, staff, and families in our Barnstead school community serving approximately 500 students preschool through 8th grade. Kathy came to us highly regarded after several years of working collaboratively with school psychologists to deliver a broad range of assessments in the Rochester School District…working among 12 different schools. Prior to that, Kathy worked at Prospect Mountain High School, where she did all of the special education evaluations, as well as counseling for special education students…”  Additionally, “Her broad range of experiences with students preschool through 12th grade, her strong communication and collaboration skills, and her strong ability to connect interpersonally with students, families, and staff have led her to be a key resource for our school.” 

Congratulations to Mrs. Secinaro from NHASP and the education community!.


NHASP announces the 2018 NH School Psychologist of the Year!

NHASP is excited to announce the 2018 recipient of the New Hampshire School Psychologist of the Year, Felicia Sperry. Felicia currently serves as the school psychologist at Mast Way Elementary School in Lee, which is a part of the Oyster River Cooperative School District. During her time in the field, she has far exceeded any criteria needed to earn this prestigious award through both her contribution to students’ lives and school psychology. 

Although Felicia’s accomplishments are vast, her most recent leadership role on the district’s Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Committee is especially notable due to its far-reaching impact on the trajectory of students' mental health. Following tragic events within the district, the School Board tasked the two elementary schools with researching and implementing an evidenced-based social-emotional program that could be used across both schools. As the chair of the committee, Felicia led a group of educators and professional staff in researching applicable programs and determining which program best fit the needs of the schools. Following five years of committee work and discussions with administration, both elementary schools will pilot “Open Circle” during the 2018-2019 school year. While change takes time and can be contentious at times, 

Felicia never once wavered from what was best for children. She remained energetic, committed, and persevered through a lengthy and arduous process. Due to her unwavering efforts, both elementary schools will begin to better educate the “whole child.” This pilot will also involve teachers completing the DESSA for all students in their classrooms, which is a social-emotional monitoring tool. This process will better allow for early intervention for mental health concerns and places mental health on an equal playing field with academic learning. In addition to this accomplishment, Felicia has developed and shared a school-based program to assist elementary school students with vital executive functioning skills. This involves her teaching students in all third-grade classrooms about specific areas of the brain and their relationship to various executive functioning skills. Felicia has also developed supplemental resources for classroom teachers to allow for greater generalization of learned skills, as well as has offered ongoing professional development to other practicing school psychologists.

I have been blessed to have Felicia as my mentor this year and have gained immense knowledge through our consultations and collaboration. Felicia is a school psychologist who has never lost her joy for the profession or her quest for further knowledge. She is in every form of the word, a true change maker. It is a pleasure to work with, laugh with, and learn from. All students and professionals who have the opportunity to work with her are better for it. 


NHASP announces the 2017 NH School Psychologist of the Year!

NHASP is pleased to announce that Nathaniel Jones, Ph.D. is the 2017 New Hampshire School Psychologist of the Year (SPY). Nate is a school psychology consultant working at SERESC in Bedford, NH, and is a NH and nationally certified school psychology, licensed psychologist, and board certified behavioral analyst (BCBA). Along with his consultation work for New Hampshire schools, Nate focuses his professional goals towards increasing coordination among educational, medical, and mental health agencies to improve outcomes for youth. This is seen in the professional development opportunities he facilitates and in his work as the coordinator of the Medical Educational Therapeutic Evaluation team at SERESC. Nate’s nomination letter included many wonderful comments from his colleagues who describe Nate as, “an exemplar of what it means to be a school psychologist. He inspires trust, shares his wealth of knowledge, and above all, puts kids first. As a mentor, he is somehow always magically available, even though he is busy working and volunteering a hundred different ways.”

Aside from his professional work, Nate’s advocacy as a school psychologist, in both state and national issues, is commendable. He is always willing to head to the “Hill” to support what is best for children and youth and keeps abreast of current issues in our field so that our association can disseminate information to others in our state. Nate has held many positions in our state association, including six years as state Delegate to NASP, NHASP President, co-chair of the NHASP Government and Professional Relations Committee, and our very own Webmaster. Nate is also the Western Region Representative for NASP on the national Ethics and Professional Practice Committee (EPPC).

The selection for SPY is always a challenging one for the nomination committee, as there are so many wonderful school psychologists among us doing incredible things for the students of New Hampshire. Nate is no exception to that, with his contributions being far-reaching and influential, so we would like to congratulate Nate with this award and thank him for all he does for school psychology. 


NHASP announces a new Graduate Student Assistant program.

NHASP has begun a new program to involve graduate students in school psychology in our association more directly. We have long had a graduate student representative as a member of our leadership team. This new program expands the role of graduate students by creating four student assistant positions. 

For more information, please see the description of the program. For questions or if you are interested in applying, please contact NHASP Past-President


Supporting NASP

NASP, the National Association of School Psychologists, provides critical leadership around the country for school psychology. NASP also works hard to support children and has two great events at the upcoming national conference in New Orleans, the Children's Fund Auction and the 5k run/walk.  

NHASP has supported both of these programs over the years. To continue to do so, we need the support of our members here in NH.  For the Children's Fund Auction, we provide a variety of NH themed items. For the 5k run/walk, we often have NH members who participate and we are a sponsoring association. 

If you can donate an item, or items, for the Children's Fund Auction, please contact NHASP President, Christina Flanders. Christina will collect these items and organize them for donation to the auction. In the past, we have donated NH themed foods such as maple syrup, books by NH authors, and vacation trips to NH.  

If you are going to the conference in New Orleans and are going to participate in the 5k run/walk, please also let Christina know.  If enough folks are interested, we may coordinate a group. 

Executive Board Meetings will be the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Meetings will be held from 4:15-6:15 at the NEA-NH building located at 9 South Spring St, Concord, NH. For the 2017-2018 year, the meeting dates are as follows:  9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13, 1/10, 2/7 (1st Wednesday due to NASP Convention), 3/14, 4/11, 5/9, and 6/13. All NHASP members are welcomed and encouraged to come to our meetings.


NHASP is proud to recognized
Jonas Taub
NHASP 2014
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient



NHASP Celebrates School Psychology Awareness Week: We're All In! Teams Work! 


NHASP Members with New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. Governor Hassan is recognizing School Psychology Awareness Week with a Proclamation.


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The NHASP Gallery is a collection of photographs and videos of various activities that NHASP is involved in. These photos are periodically updated. Enjoy viewing these artifacts!

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