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NHASP Leadership

President: Jackie Tormey

President Elect: Sam Broadhead

Past President: Kate Grieve

Treasurer: Alex McDermid

Secretary: Julie Bassie

NASP Delegate: Kate Salvati

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NHASP History

The first organizational meeting of the NH Association of School Psychologists (NHASP) was held in November, 1981 and attended by 20 visionary state leaders! Since our humble beginning in the granite state, NHASP has continued to grow and thrive. Members of our association have taken part in, and led, numerous initiatives in NH, nationally, and internationally for the field of school psychology and the students we serve. Leaders of NHASP have also been the president and other leaders of the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), as well as national award winners, and other leaders in our field.  

Every year, the leadership of NHASP engages in a vast array of activities in NH and nationally. The leadership of NHASP manages multiple professional development events for school psychologists and other educators in NH. This often includes at least two full day events as well as multiple smaller events throughout the year. Leaders have worked on both legislative and policy initiatives in NH, including standards for the educational, credentialing/licensure, and practice of school psychologists; supports for children of our active duty and military veteran families; education of children and youth transitioning out of psychiatric hospitalizations; implementation of multi-tiered systems of supports (MTSS) strategies; supports for new school psychology practitioners, and professional learning communities for school psychologists. NHASP leaders have also worked collaboratively with leaders of other organizations and associations in NH to achieve shared goals for the benefit of children and families in our great state. 

The leadership of NHASP continues to drive our association forward. Regular revisions to our strategic plan guide our association towards new goals.  Through publication of guidance papers and position statements, obtaining proclamations for national school psychology week each November, collaborating with our graduate education programs in NH, maintaining a scholarship for graduate students, and more we have worked to position NHASP as a critical association in NH focused on supporting the students and families served by our members.  

NHASP Past Presidents

1982-1983: Jeff Page

1983-1984: Peg Dawson

1984-1985: Peg Dawson

1985-1986: Peg Dawson

1986-1987: Cheryl Kelly

1987-1988: Jonas Taub

1988-1989: Jonas Taub 

1989-1990: John Reinhardt

1990-1991: Ginny Harvey

1991-1992: Rod Forseman

1993-1994: Rita Comtois

1994-1995: Peter Whelley

1995-1996: Jeff McNish

1996-1997: Jane Plamondon

1997-1998: Cary Grant

1998-1999: Jack Morse

1999-2000: Sandra Crosson

2000-2001: Dave Smith

2001-2002: Nan Frantz Clough

2002-2003: Pat Rohr

2003-2004: Barbara Cascadden

2004-2005: Jack Morse

2005-2006: Kate Salvati

2006-2007: Jane Plamondon

2007-2008: Fredye Sherr

2008-2009: Raina Chick

2009-2010: Carol Van Loon 

2010-2011: Robert Rodriguez

2011-2012: Meg Maroni/Megan Slattery

2012-2013: Tari Selig

2013-2014: Kate Salvati

2014-2015: Nate Jones

2015-2016: Christina Flanders

2016-2017: Trish Raymond 

2017-2018: Jeff McNish

2018-2019: Chris Nelson

2019-2020: Ryan Long

2020-2021: Travis Bickford 

2021-2022: Felicia Sperry 

2022-2023: Kate Grieve

2023-2024: Jackie Tormey

2024-2025: Samantha Broadhead

NHASP School Psychologist of the Year

1987: Peg Dawson

1988: Jonas Taub

1989: Rita Comtois, Ron Dumont, Ginny Harvey

1990: Chuck Ott

1991: Cary Grant

1992: Peter Whelley

1993: Debra Dickerson

1994: Jane Plamondon

1995: (no nominations due to schedule change with NASP)

1996: Robert Fossbender & Jack Morse 

1997: Dave Smith

1998: Jack Morse

1999: Peter Whelley

2000: Jeff McNish

2001: Sandra Crosson

2002: Barbara Cascadden

2003: Kristen Thibodeau

2004: Michael Cronin

2005: Meg Maroni

2006: Nan Frantz Clough

2007: Barbara Young Hoffman

2008: Jan Martin 

2009: Robert Rodriguez 


2011: Kristen Beckley 

2012: Kasey Landry-Filion

2013: Carol Van Loon 

2014: Christina Flanders 

2015: Kate Grieve 

2016: Tari Selig 

2017: Nate Jones (Also National School Psychologist of the Year, 2018)

2018: Felicia Sperry 

2019: Kathy Secinaro

2020: (Not awarded due to COVID-19 pandemic) 

2021: Laurie Brodeur

2022: Kate Salvait

2023: Travis Bickford 

NHASP Lifetime Achievement Award 

2013: Jack Morse 

2014: Jonas Taub

2016: Leo Sandy, Peter Whelley

2019: Dave Smith 

2023: Peg Dawson

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